Who We Are

Who We Are

Estremo (M) Sdn Bhd, which was established in 2010, is an expert in automotive lubricants, additives and car care products. Inspired by the Italian word “Estremo” which means extreme, and blue is our corporate identity, which means, powerful and trustworthy, Estremo products had grown from strength to strength throughout the years. Having specialised in automotive and motor lubricants, Estremo has never stopped delivering the best in technology and service and pushes itself to be the forerunner in motor oil engineering.

Focused on improving the reliability and performance of lubricants, Estremo has been striving to significantly improve and set the standard in the lubrication industry. Having established its R&D department and obtained the latest breakthrough in “Heatpro – The Hotter, the Better Technology” Estremo has gained a better foothold in the lubricant business and increased its network expansion.

Backed by the success and years of experience in providing technically advanced lubricants, Estremo began making inroads into the ASEAN automotive market allowing millions of people to benefit from advanced
oil engineering that we have perfected over the years, tested and proven. Satisfaction guaranteed Estremo‘s engine oil and additives series is a result of its technology advancement and development of engine oil with higher technical value added.

Estremo has a vast offering of synthetic, semi-synthetic, additive and specialty products. Being a lubricant company that has always favoured innovation, research and development, we will continue to create the highest quality engine oils and continuously improve them for years to come. As an environmental-conscious organisation, Estremo has stepped up its efforts in developing cleaner and more environmentally-friendly products.

Corporate Identity

Estremo is Italian for extreme. It represents our aim to push boundaries to offer high quality engine oils that maximise automotive performances. 

The colour “blue” is chosen as Estremo’s corporate identity as we aspire to be a trustworthy company in the lubricant industry in Southeast Asia.

Strategy & Vision

Corporate Vision

The Best Lubricant Of Choice.

Corporate Mission

Delivering Quality, Performance and Guaranteed Satisfaction to the customers.

Our Core Values

Ensuring Safety

Ensuring SAFETY

Delivering Service With Passion

Delivering Service With PASSION

Performing Duties With Expertise

Performing Duties With EXPERTISE

Exercising Professionalism At All Times

Exercising PROFESSIONALISM At All Times

Striving For Continuous Improvement


Business Goals and Objectives

Estremo is committed to serving the automotive and motorcycle industry needs through interaction and collaboration with motor racings, industry professionals and OEMs.

Growth Strategies

The company strategy is clear – the organisation, guiding principles and leadership will inspire excellence, encourage individual initiative and teamwork, harness the strategic synergy and collective focus to build on the strengths of our skills and capabilities, operations and technical excellence to be at the forefront of the automotive and motorcycle industry.

Business Competitiveness

Satisfaction guaranteed Estremo’s Heatpro Engine Oil Series is a result of its technological advancement and development of engine oil with higher technical values added. Automotive and motorcycle workshops are being pressured to differentiate and deliver better quality and better performance products. Estremo is providing a service that allows the workshops to differentiate and deliver better quality and performance products while solving customers’ problems and satisfying their needs.

Be Our Partner

Estremo is expanding it’s distribution across South East Asia and would like to invite interested parties to collaborate together and grow.

We are looking to move into Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Philippines market. Find out how to be a part of our network.

Find out how to be a part of our network.